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Steps for choosing you new GP Dublin

Choosing your doctor is an important step in taking care of your health and your medical needs. Selecting the right doctor can mean the difference between getting personalized treatment that you want or being seen as a number on a record without a face. Following are a few steps to consider when choosing the right doctor for you.

Certifications and affiliations

Ask a friend or co-worker if they know of some good doctors in the area. Compile a wide list, letting you choose the one that fits your needs. Remember that they need to be located close enough that you are able to make a visit with relative ease. Look for regional hospitals or medical schools for recommendations as well.

Make sure all of your choices are properly certified. You can call the CRM (Regional Council of Medicine) to find out if a doctor is certified in a specific specialty.

Check online for information about your doctor. Some people may have had some problem with the doctor.

Services and Acceptance of Health Plans

Find out what services are offered at the doctor’s office. Some outsource their lab work and x-rays or other exams and tests. Remember that when this is done, it also means more costs, especially in co-participation plans. If they want to outsource, find out how far you will have to go to receive these services.

Find out who will replace your doctor when he is away on vacation or sick. Look at the credentials of this second option as well.

Get to know the team. It is not a pleasant experience when you are sick and sitting in the waiting room having an office staff that does not do a proper care. Are they friendly and polite? No one wants to deal with an aggressive person when you are sick.

Talk to a doctor to get a sense of the confidence level of the guidelines for your patients and determine if they will hear your complaints and will be able to respond with the proper treatment. Ask enough questions.

Find out what the average wait time is for scheduling. If the doctor’s team schedules many patients per hour, you may have to wait a bit each time you go for a consultation.

Check with your health insurance company to determine if the doctor you select is from your network.

This survey may take a while. And each problem will require a doctor of different expertise. But with patience, you will find the right doctor for your case. But be sure to do your part until you find it!


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