Advantages Of Pharmacy And GP In Same Location

When we talk about health, namely doctors and pharmacists, we are talking about two professionals and two activities that complement each other, the more synergies they have, the better it will be for the users.

With regard to location, day-to-day and patient routine, having a doctor in the same area of ​​residence as the pharmacist is advantageous, since the easier and simplified the distance between the two, the better the quality of life will have the wearer. Besides not wasting time in your professional activity.

The collaboration between doctors and pharmacists is also a factor of added value, because using a system of exchanging impressions between both will make both of them have a greater perception of the situation of the user. Often, symptoms described to a pharmacist are different from those presented to a physician, the information between the two may be useful when there is an ambiguity that makes it take longer to be interpreted correctly by the professionals.

The essential question is to create a clinical record between both professionals. Often users consult a pharmacist, for the advice of medications for rapid interventions. If there is an interaction with the doctor, the pharmacist will have a better knowledge of the situation of the patient and may provide more specific medications or advise to seek the doctor, depending on the situation of the same. As we know a simple question for a patient, it can be a serious problem for another, the clinical history and the interaction with the doctor, it facilitates this situation and the one who benefits is the patient, with a bigger, more responsive answer in order to have the best way to a personalized service.

The question of location of both professionals, also help that there is a greater proximity to all levels, the users feel at home “like that of neighbours”. This proximity eliminates the barriers of seriousness and rigidity among users and health professionals, making users more comfortable and more honest exposing their problems. In the end they result in a way of greater security and intimacy.

A street pharmacy is often a meeting place where people are more comfortable talking, exchanging impressions. A simple informal conversation can be the starting point for understanding certain observations about the disease or health problem, which is often not possible in a General Practitioners, so the pharmacist can collect this information and make the screening, communicate with the doctor.